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Ensuring IEP Compliance

Does your child have an IEP or a 504 Service Plan? Is the school district complying with your child’s IEP or 504? Do you attend IEP meetings hearing too many acronyms and not enough solutions? At the Law Office of Jennifer O. Price, we can make sure your voice gets heard and your ideas are respected. Our Pittsburgh special education lawyer believes your child deserves a good education, in spite of any disability. We offer free consultations to help you better understand both the federal and state laws to work towards a better solution together. See how we have helped families like yours!

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When Should I Hire a Special Education Lawyer in Pittsburgh?

You may want to hire an attorney simply for advice while navigating the individualized education program (IEP) process or you may want to employ a lawyer to be involved as your representative.

What is the difference between a law and an ethical principle in special education?

The difference between a law and an ethical principle in special education is that ethical principles are the right thing to do and can give great guidance as to how to pursue the best way to learn for students, while the law is enforced from rules written principles, regulations given by judges and magistrates.

Can a Parent Bring an Attorney to an IEP Meeting?

Yes, a parent may bring an attorney to their IEP meeting as a formal representative. Additionally, a lawyer may assist you with the following areas:

  • requesting an IEP meeting
  • prep for the IEP eligibility meeting
  • prep for and attending hearings
  • prep a complaint for you to file
  • secure school files
  • reviewing evaluations and IEP forms before you sign them
  • representing you in court

Help on with Your Child's IEP

The special education world is one filled with timelines, exceptions, and acronyms. Our law office understands these laws to ensure and will remind the school district that the word “team” in IEP team should be collaborative and inclusive.

Our firm will ensure:

  • IEPs are written with appropriate, measurable goals
  • IEPs are written in a data-driven way
  • IEPs are written with consideration of your child’s academic, social, and behavioral needs

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Unlawful Suspension and Expulsions

Mother and son - special educational lawyer

Many of our clients receive weekly or daily phone calls from the school district asking them to pick up their child. Attorney Price understands how frustrating this can be when the school doesn’t follow your child’s IEP and also expects you to take time off work to address an issue written about in his IEP. Our law firm will ensure the school relies more on the IEP and less on you, so your child stays in school, receives an education, and you can save your vacation/sick days.

While the school may insist that your child deserved to receive discipline, our firm at the Law Office of Jennifer O. Price knows how important it is for your child to receive the right direction and instruction. Federal and state laws require a manifestation determination review, MDR, be conducted before an expulsion, and we can ensure your child’s education rights are restored. Many times, these reviews show evidence of bullying or isolation that led to the problems you
are dealing with. In such cases, our firm is here to fight for the right of your child to feel safe while attending school.

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