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Former prosecutor, Jennifer O. Price will protect your rights and help you attain the best possible result for your case.  With her in-depth expertise about criminal law, Attorney Price is devoted to protecting your freedom. She challenges the prosecution to prove its case and does everything in her power to eliminate or reduce any potential sentence. Attorney Price knows that witnesses may lie on the stand, crime scenes can be tampered with and police officers can make mistakes. She personally speaks with witnesses to ensure that they are telling the whole truth. She carefully examines the alleged crime scene, searching for evidence that can help prove your innocence. She thoroughly reviews police records and retains experts to challenge the prosecution’s theories.

Jennifer O. Price aggressively represents clients charged with all types of offenses, including:

Felonies, Misdemeanors, Assault and Battery, Burglary, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, DUI, Expungements, Retail Theft or Shoplifting, Robbery, Weapons Violations

When your freedom is on the line, choose Jennifer O. Price, the criminal defense attorney with the experience and dedication to make a difference. Call 724-519-7587 or contact the law firm to schedule your free consultation.