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Be Specific about Your Child’s 1:1 Aide’s Duties

Many IEPs read that a child who is having a difficult time, behaviorally, may receive a 1:1 aide. I've spoken a number of times about 1:1 aides. Are they credentialed? Are they appropriately credentialed for your child? How long will that aide be supporting your child? This week, I want to talk to you about recognizing flaws in an IEP that generalize the duties of your child's aide. I've seen many times where an IEP may read, "John Doe is to receive 740 minutes of close adult supervision/paraprofessional support" each week. That is too vague. The IEP should provide better detail about what the one-to-one aide is supposed to be doing. A court case in Hawaii highlighted this point by requiring the school district to reimburse the parents for one year of private services they received. "Services" was not clarified in the IEP. Make sure your child's IEP is offering a program individualized for your child by ensuring the one-to-one aide's duties are clear and detailed.