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Does Your Child Need Help with School-Based Anxiety?

A child with a disability fails to attend school for multiple days in a row, multiple times throughout the school year, despite numerous attempts to engage him in learning. If this sounds like your child or a child you know, s/he may have severe anxiety that is preventing him/her from participating. Anxiety is rooted in fear and a child with school-based anxiety may have a severe fear of going to school. Schools unfamiliar with knowing how to handle these issues may be tempted to file truancy charges on the parent for consistent lack of attendance; however, the IDEA allows for strategies to be put into place, such as conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to investigate and determine why the child is not going to school. The issues could range from having a fear of getting on the bus, changing for physical education, or being bullied at school. Alert the school of any anxiety issues occurring that could be getting in the way of your child receiving his/her education. Some adjustments can be made to the IEP or depending on the severity, in-home tutoring could be considered.