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To Record or Not Record an IEP Meeting

Your annual IEP meeting is scheduled, but you're nervous about going. It's been a contentious year with you feeling like the school is not about educating your child; you feel like the teacher talks down to you; they promised to do things they're not doing; and worse yet, they said accommodations would be put in the IEP but are not in the IEP. For this next meeting, to ensure everyone "remembers" information accurately, you want to record the meeting. Here is what to keep in mind about recording the meeting: (1) In Pennsylvania, you need permission from everyone to be recorded. Tape recordings are rooted in privacy laws. Generally, IEP meetings are held in a closed-door setting, which would generally require consent from all the parties to be recorded; (2) Recordings change the tone of the meeting. If you get resistance to having the meeting recorded, explain your concerns about information being discussed and not included. You can also remind them that recordings benefit the school as well, so there is not necessarily a one-sided benefit. Lastly, recordings can help you focus on participating in the meeting, so you're not talking and taking notes at the same time.